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Tree services

The wealth of experience developed over 22 years means that our highly professional and skilled staff can develop specific proposals for your needs - from small domestic work to large commercial projects.
This experience gained working with large projects means that you can rely on our resources to give you a flexible service at a competitive price.

The tree care team are all trained and certificated to the Arborists Association & NPTC Standards. All work is fully insured and comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

The following summaries the key services:

Crown raising - removal of lower branches to increase ground clearance - provides better access.
Crown reduction - trimming the tree in such a way that its overall size and shape reduces - provides increased sunlight to the surrounding area.
Crown thinning - removal of certain branches within the overall structure of the tree - provides increased sunlight as well as keeping the tree balanced.
Dangerous tree work - removal of some or the entire tree - prevents personal injury or damage to property.
Felling - complete removal of a tree down to ground level - provides access and sunlight.
Pollarding - removing a substantial amount of the tree crown and then regularly pruning at set intervals - provides long lasting access or sunlight without removing the tree completely. This is not a recommended approach to tree care.
Pruning - removing small amount of the tree crown - provides a more balanced tree appearance and prevents branches from obstructing property.
Safety inspection - risk and safety inspection reports as part of your health & safety standards.
Site clearance - remove trees and shrub from brown field land or allocated construction sites - provides access for future construction and compliant with legal wildlife protection schemes.
Storm damage - urgent rectification to trees - prevents further personnel and property damage.
Stump grinding - removal of tree stump at or near ground level - provides access for future construction.
Tree inspection - utilising state of the art decay inspection equipment, combined with fully qualified and experienced arboricultural surveyors, to provide quality tree condition reports as part of your 'duty of care' obligations when managing potentially hazardous trees.

Specialised tree services for our commercial customers include:

Emergency road work to local authorities, Highway Agency etc to provide access.
Emergency tree work to the insurance industry to prevent further damage to property.
Risk inspections on property trees to support bank/building society mortgage application process.
Road traffic management work to keep traffic moving while trees and schrub are removed.
Safety inspection reports to meet health & safety standards or as part of preventatve maintenance.
Telecom line surveying to the likes of BT etc as part of their preventative maintenance strategy.
Wildlife protection reports to support the project and programme team.

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Tree Services

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